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Whiskspan 2.jpg


2 to 5 Players
45 - 75 Minutes
Ages 8+

The 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres winning game, Wingspan, reimagined to be more accessible for younger players (no need to know how to read), and featuring over 100 adorable cat cards, kitten-shaped meeples, and a “cat tree” card display. This is the notion behind Whiskspan.

Designed as a proof of concept for Stonemaier Games, the publisher of Wingspan, our hope is that Whiskspan will one day be made available on virtual tabletop gaming systems like Tabletopia, as a “print and play” from a company like The Game Crafter, or as one of Stonemaier’s whimsical “April Fools Day” products.

Ginger Tabby Card
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