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Dusk Board.jpg


2 to 6 Players
45 - 90 Minutes
Ages 14+

The year is 1885. Nightmarish forces roam the shadows, preying on humanity and giving rise to a secret order of hunters who have chosen to gather the knowledge, faith, and weaponry to uncover and destroy the things that stalk us from the darkness—and rid the world of inhuman evil once and for all.

In Dusk you play a hunter, gathering items to fill your hunting “kit” and using those items to defeat the dark forces that plague humanity—referred to collectively as “monsters.” The game takes place over a series of rounds, each divided into two phases: Daylight, when you acquire items and attempt to catch monsters unawares, and Dusk, when the monsters stalking you attack. You end the game by accomplishing secret objectives, and then the hunter with the most points, as shown on your destroyed monster cards and completed objective cards, wins.

Werewolf Card
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