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Iron Reign

2 to 5 Players
60 - 120 Minutes
Ages 14+

In 2018, Stonemaier Games put out an open call for game designs based on Pierce Brown’s epic space opera series of novels, Red Rising. Iron Reign was our submission. Since that time, Stonemaier has published a much lighter Red Rising game, which we helped test (as experts on adapting the IP), and so this game would need to be re-themed before publication.

In its current incarnation, Iron Reign is set 700 years after the birth of “The Society,” a highly technological empire rooted in classical Roman ideals. It is a time of conquest and intrigue, honor and betrayal. A rigid color-based social hierarchy guides all life within the solar system. Superhuman “Iron Gold” conquerors, called the Peerless Scarred, rule while Red laborers and other “lowColors” dream of a better tomorrow.

Iron Reign is as epic as the novels it was based on. You play as one of the great “Houses,” gathering agents and technology to accomplish missions, wage war and form alliances—all to further your personal agenda and expand your wealth and dominance across the solar system.

Victra and Moonbreaker Cards
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