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Red Spiral Board.jpg

Red Spiral

1 or 2 Players
15 - 25 Minutes
Ages 14+

Someone carved a strange circular figure into the body. Fresh blood. You stumble out into the heart of a city with no dawn. Streets materialize from shadow, shifting like your memories. Who is hunting you? The murderers? Those who seek justice? Your only hope is to piece together evidence of your innocence...if you are innocent.

Based loosely on situations from the science fiction noir film, Dark City, in Red Spiral, you awaken alone at the scene of a grisly murder with no memory of who you are—or whether you’re the killer. Fleeing the mysterious “hunters,” you (and your ally if you play the 2-player cooperative game) explore the changing City, placing and revealing tiles, then summoning your mysterious power to “spiral” tiles in place, altering the layout of the city streets as well as the chain of evidence that proves your guilt or innocence.

Body, Memory, and Mirror Tiles
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