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Primal Board.jpg


2 to 5 Players
75 - 120 Minutes
Ages 12+

Creation is an act of will. Millions of years ago, enigmatic forces set their wills against one another to create the world to come. In Primal, you take on the role of one of these forces, vying across the millennia to will the future of the Earth. From the rending of Pangea to the rise of Atlantis and Mu, may your will be done.

Primal is divided into five rounds, each representing a prehistoric period on Earth. At the end of each of the first three rounds, the continents that make up the gameboard move in relation to each other—transforming Pangea into the familiar configuration of the modern world. Then, at the end of the fourth round, two new continents, Atlantis and Mu, rise.

Each faction in Primal is completely unique, with unique play styles, unique achievements, unique game pieces, unique structures to build, and unique abilities. Each period of the game features more and more powerful cards that players may draft and purchase with elemental resources, tracked on custom dice, to build their personal card engine while staking their claim on the world, willing the future they want to create.

Description of Spiritwalkers
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