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Ocean of Fire

2 to 5 Players
60 - 90 Minutes
Ages 10+

As mechanized wars rage across much of the globe, in the relatively peaceful Kingdoms of Arabia, a Great Race captivates the imagination. Riding atop clockwork “ani-mechs,” you will blaze a trail across the legendary Ocean of Fire—reminding the world of humanity’s potential to endure, even thrive, through ingenuity and artistry.

The game takes place in an alternate 1930s timeline where technology evolved differently. The primary mechanism is hand management with everyone playing cards simultaneously at the beginning of each turn.

Secondary mechanisms include engine building and deck building. Each of the five riders has a unique power and may be paired with any of the five ani-mechs, each of whom has a unique deck of cards from which to draw.


Earn money during the race to upgrade your ani-mechs deck to push for victory. However, the ultimate winner isnt always the rider who crosses the finish line first, but the one who earns the greatest accolades from the gathered crowd and, by extension, the world.

Nina Mae riding Thiara, a gorilla ani-mech
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