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The Wondrous War for Oz
A Marvelous Game of Magic, Might, Heart, Brain and Courage

Love is the opposite of the will to survive. The Wicked Witch of the East knew nothing of love. If she had, she might never have created her wonderful hat.


Pointed Hat

If only she could influence the future and avoid that terrible fate. Oh, to dream of a new future, one forged in the fires of her magic and hammered on the anvil of her brain—a future where she might become ruler, not just of the childlike citizens of Munchkin Country, but of all the peoples and creatures of Oz.


She only had to live to see it...

* * *

This is not the story of Oz that you know. To save her own life, the Wicked Witch of the East managed to divert the course of time and, in doing so, changed the fate of everyone in L. Frank Baum’s immortal land of magic and royalty.

The Wondrous War for Oz puts you in the role of one of nine powerful leaders, both good and wicked, from the pages of the most beloved childrens books of all time. Through the course of the game, you will create a new and unique story for Oz, a story packed with exploration, conflict, and adventure. Can you build your influence along the Road of Yellow Brick? Or win the hearts and brains of Oz with daring exploits? Or rise to power through your own private agenda?

As in the original story, this story also begins with the sudden arrival of a strange and inscrutable Visitor...

It had taken her more than 100 years to perfect the hat’s conical shape, its mercurial enchantments. Without love’s distractions, she’d had the time and the focus. She’d had the will.


The hat brought her dreams of the future, dreams of fierce winds and a faceless Visitor—and of a spinning and crushing shadow. Then perfect darkness, unending. Not even the might of her silver shoes could protect her.


She imagined that this must be how it felt to love.


Visitor Token

The Visitor


Players take turns moving the Visitor token along the Road of Yellow Brick. The Visitor acts as an X-factor in the game, stirring up Conflicts and revealing cards on the gameboard. It is always a non-player faction. (All other factions are either controlled by a player or by the game, depending on which factions you choose to play and the number of people playing.)


The Visitors attributes are HEART and COURAGE. It begins the game in Munchkin Country.

The Wizard of Oz


The Wizard who calls himself “Oz, the Great and Terrible” is a mysterious figure who rules the Emerald Lands from his palace in the Emerald City, which lies at the very heart of the Land of Oz. Within his palace, he appears in many different and frightening forms. However, outside, he most often appears as a kindly old man traveling in a tiny airship. The Wizard is thought to be the smartest person in all of Oz, but the true depths of his powers are unknown.


The Wizard begins the game with Revolvers (MIGHT 1, COURAGE 1) and an Air Balloon that allows him to fly.


The Wicked Witch of the East

The Wicked Witch of the East rules over Munchkin Country from a simple hut deep in the forest. Her Munchkin slaves are a happy folk, who live peacefully under her reign—so long as they do as she commands. The Wicked Witch of the East is both powerful and wise, but at times, she can be petty and spiteful. She appears as a stern old woman with a wooden staff, wearing a tall pointed hat and pair of shimmering silver shoes.

The Wicked Witch of the East begins the game with Silver Shoes (MAGIC 1, MIGHT 1) and a Pointed Hat that lets her peek at one new card each turn that will be placed onto the gameboard and choose where that card goes.


The Wicked Witch of the West


The Wicked Witch of the West rules over Winkie Country in the Land of Oz from a dank yellow castle. Her single eye is as powerful as a telescope, enabling her to see what’s happening throughout the land, and her Winkie slaves cower in fear of the wolves, bees and crows that obey her commands. She appears as a fearsome hag with three braided pigtails and an eyepatch, and she wears an enchanted Golden Cap with which she commands an army of Winged Monkeys.


The Wicked Witch of the West begins the game with a Golden Cap that gives her a Flying Army and a Trusty Umbrella that allows her to avoid any Conflict.

The Good Witch of the South

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, is kind and soft-spoken and displays seemingly limitless calm and patience. She rules the Quadling Country in the Land of Oz compassionately and unselfishly. Glinda lives in a small white castle, and she appears as a tall and incredibly beautiful young woman with flowing reddish-copper ringlets and eyes like sapphires.

Glinda begins the game with the Palace Captain (MIGHT 1) and a Book of Records (BRAIN 1) that lets her peek at cards as they come onto the gameboard (then shuffle them). 


The Good Witch of the North


The Good Witch of the North is humble, optimistic and mild-mannered. She’s respected and beloved, not only by her subjects in Gillikin Country, but also by other Ozians such as the Munchkins. She came to rule by defeating the Wicked Witch of the North, Mombi, who then went into hiding. The Good Witch of the North appears as a kindly old woman with purple eyes and short curly white hair. Her kiss protects people from harm.


The Good Witch of the North begins the game with Munchkins (HEART 1), a Magic Wand that allows her to play an additional card in a Conflict, and a White Hat that allows her to flip one card on the gameboard face up at the start of her turn.



Mombi is an ancient witch who lives in a farmhouse in Gillikin Country in the Land of Oz. She ruled the country for many years as the Wicked Witch of the North. After she was defeated, Mombi stole the infant princess, Ozma, and hid her away by transforming her into a boy, who she named Tippetarius (“Tip,” for short) and raised until he ran away from home. Mombi usually appears in the form of a withered crone who walks with the help of a gnarled crook.

Mombi begins the game with a Black Kettle (MAGIC 1) and an Enchanted Crook that allows her to use two tokens when moving (then pick one up when all other players have taken their turns).

General Jinjur


General Jinjur is a Munchkin girl of normal human height who leads an Army of Revolt, composed entirely of pretty female soldiers armed with gleaming knitting needles, who are waging a secret war to end female oppression in Oz. Jinjur is reliable and honest, but she can act rashly at times. She has blond hair and piercing blue eyes, and she wears a military uniform with a tall shako and a long decorative bow shaped like a sword. She’s afraid of mice.


General Jinjur begins the game with a Regular Army and a Rebel Guard (BRAIN 1).

King Krewl

King Krewl rules Jinxland from a grand palace in the southeast corner of Quadling Country in the Land of Oz. A steep mountain range and a bottomless crevasse isolate Jinxland from the rest of Oz, but there is a hidden pathway through the mountains that even an army may travel along. King Krewl stole his crown by trapping King Phearse under a rock at the bottom of a lake. His eyes glow like coals of fire through the slits of his half-closed eyelids, and his voice is as harsh as his features. He values wealth above all else, even the happiness of his daughter.

King Krewl begins the game with a Regular Army, Googly-Goo (MIGHT 2), and Blinkie (MAGIC 2).

The Nome King


The Nome King rules a tribe of Nomes who live below the surface of the earth. He is impatient, stubborn and always hungry for more power. He smokes a pipe, and he lives in an underground palace. The Nome King’s Dominions lie beneath the Land of Ev to the west of the Land of Oz, across the Deadly Desert. To invade Oz, he ordered his army to dig a great tunnel under the desert and into Winkie Country.

The Nome King begins the game with a Regular Army, a Magic Belt (MAGIC 2), and a Royal Hearer who allows him to peek at one facedown card at the start of his turn.

The 30 by 20 Gameboard
(where all the magic happens, literally)
Sample Game Images
(and there are over 150 more unique cards and game pieces, all fully illustrated)
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