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A Story-driven Game of Modern Horror

Nothing will ever be the same.

You are the only ones. If you dont keep fighting, the town—and everyone you care about—will be consumed. Each night could be the last. You. Just you. Only you can hope to dispel the falling Darkness.

Besides, who would believe you?


* * *

Daylight is an elegant cooperative tabletop card game for 2 to 6 players, playable in under 90 minutes. Ages 12+

The players in Daylight tell the story of the game. They each play the role of a character on a small team of seemingly ordinary people who have found themselves battling terrifying forces in an isolated town in the United States.

As your characters unravel the mysteries surrounding whats been happening, they come to understand what others cannot: Darkness exists, not as some abstract belief, but as a force, like gravity or magnetism. This Darkness has seeped into the town, and it grows more powerful with each passing day. It must be stopped—at any cost.

How to Play Daylight

February 4, 2018

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